Building Voter Power

We won't let anti-democratic attacks on voting rights stop us from organizing for our communities.

We have the power to make a difference on the issues that matter most to us, and voting is one of the most important ways we use that power. Voting isn’t just about choosing issues and candidates to support; it’s also a way to shape the context for the rest of our organizing by electing people who are more likely to respect and protect our communities’ needs. That’s why people and organizations who benefit from our disempowerment work so hard to keep us from voting. But with economic, social, and environmental justice at stake, we cannot let them get away with that. Use this site to learn more and take action.

Voter Justice Agenda

Here’s what we need to help ensure a free, fair, and safe voting experience for Black voters, which is vital for protecting public health and the democratic process for all.

Tell Congress to Pass Emergency Vote-by-Mail Legislation

Demand that Congress protect public health and the integrity of our elections by supporting voting by mail now. 

Voter Purge Watch

Mass purges of registered voters could deprive millions of their ability to cast a vote and have their vote counted — but we can fight back by organizing to get voters back on the rolls. Learn more, check your registration status, and (re-)register to vote here.

Voting Rights Toolkit

Are you a student, educator, or community advocate who cares about expanding voting rights and fighting voter suppression in your community? Use our toolkit to get started.

Register to Vote!

Not sure if you’re registered or not? Find out here.

Support Color of Change

With social, economic, and environmental justice hanging in the balance, we simply refuse to let anti-democratic politicians get away with suppressing the vote. We’re fighting back by targeting digital ads and doing outreach to voters in affected areas to help them get back on the rolls in time to be heard in critical upcoming elections. 
The people and policies we choose at the ballot box impact our daily lives in countless ways, and they determine how easy — or how difficult — it is to organize and win our other fights for justice. If we want to build lasting power in this country, we have to protect our ability to vote for people and policies that are responsive to our needs. It’s critical that we help each other overcome barriers to voting so we can flex our full political power. Please help fund this important work!